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Originally Posted by Pursuivant View Post
I think that's more design choices by Antonov and his disciples, as well as the tendency for 1930's aircraft designers to create aircraft which look like railroad cars. IMO, the Yak-1 -3, -7, -9, series (first designed 1939, flew 1940) are some of the most graceful-looking aircraft of the period.

Anyhow, I'm just happy for more content, especially because it will feature some of the war's forgotten, unglamorous "ugly ducklings".
Well, Antonov designed just gliders in 1930s and assisted Yakovlev a bit. By the way, it was him who worked on improvements of Yak series in 1943-1945.
He was also known for somewhat controversial remarks about aircraft "beauty". In one of his book he wrote that beautiful airplane flies better. Yet in one of the interviews asked about alleged "ugliness" of one of his transport planes, he responded: "Functional is beautiful".

But back to the topic.
Yes, kudos to TD for making this bird available for flight and sea navigation (what a boat!).
More ugly ducklings the better.
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