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Question 1946 p4.13.3

So, I moved from IL2 AEP/PF to IL2:1946 (Patch 4.13.3) a few days ago and I’m having a hard time understanding the flight modeling now.
On the Quick Mission Builder I picked a BF109 G2 and went against a Spitfire 1943 (can’t remember the variant) on Average skill setting and tried doing booming & zooming to no avail.
The Spit caught up with me at the top of my zoom and blew me to pieces every single time.
After 5 tries or so I flew against the same plane on a BF109 K variant and got the same result.
I also tried with a FW-190-D and got the same result. Finally, I even tried it with a Ta-152 and still got the same result.
Then I said “the hell with it” and got into the 109-G2 again and got into a turning fight and managed to out-turn the Spit and shoot him down.
What gives? I figured I’m either doing something wrong or the AI is simply cheating.
Boom & Zoom worked perfectly fine against all 1943 Spitfires in IL2 AEP/PF when using German 109s and FWs.

Any thoughts?

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