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Originally Posted by dannnyjos View Post
On the Quick Mission Builder I picked a BF109 G2 and went against a Spitfire 1943 (can’t remember the variant) on Average skill setting and tried doing booming & zooming to no avail.
The Spit caught up with me at the top of my zoom and blew me to pieces every single time. Any thoughts?

So, every patch is different. Should they let you tell them what changes to make in the flight models from now on so it is just as you like it? Is it supposed to be some sort of surprise that it changes from patch to patch, that is after all the definition of "new" isn't it that it has changes????

People have been crying about patches for IL2 for the last 16 years instead of simply learning about the changes and adjusting their tactics to suit.

I just did some B&Z in qmb in a 109g2 and had no problem zooming back up out of their reach several times before they naturally got closer and closer to my level, that is what they do. They certainly are not going to sit around at the same altitude and wait for you to pick them off.

If they are catching you on your first zoom back up then it is your fault because you did not start with enough altitude advantage or speed advantage.
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