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Default Can my laptop run this?

Hi guys!

This game looks very graphically intensive and awesome.

I was wondering am I able to run it well on highest settings?

My specs are :

Windows 7 64bit
Intel Core i5 cpu
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730
4 Gigs of RAM
Direct X 11
Realtek High Definition Audio

I can run most games like Napoleon Total War for example on highest setting at highest rez...and i can run Crysis on low rez (800x600) at all Very High settings except shadows on medium These games function with fps ranging in between 29-40 typically. Crysis runs around 33-35 fps on average maybe higher then that.

Is this game easier to run that Crysis? I would imagine so cuz crysis is a beast! Even on that low rez it looks like ur playing a cgi movie.
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