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same here. got into a game 1 on 1 with this the lobby we both had G6s (1 vs 1 i like to play the same ac). once the game started within a minute he's on my tail out turning me like crazy. i thought this guy really knows his $#!T. after i respawned i see where he switched over to a 153 and started the game in a sneaky manner without me seeing the switch. so i simply dove away until i put sufficent distance between us and smoked him repeately in head ons. i refused to get into a dogfight where he could use his plane to its best ability. the only way he was able to take me out ( and, mind you, i am not that good ) was to taran ( ram ) me head on. the only time i like the 153 is CTA (or if its a biplane game). you can land that puppy on a dime and if you have good top cover...its an easy game.
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