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Default Top 5 favourite items in your game

As the name implies, what are the top 5 (in no particular order) favourite items in your game. I will start first.

1) Elven crown
Add 1000 leadership
+1 morale to elves

2) Dead Skull
+5 Att
+5 Int

3) Ragha's Shield
+6 Def
50% resistance against dragon attacks
Use: Recruit a * Dragon once/lvl

4) Ancient Amulet
+4 Int
+15 mana
Use: Gives 10 magic runes after 50 battles once

5) Sword of Light
+5 Att (+10 during daytime combat)
-20% def of undead and demon

There are also notable ones like the intellect ring since it gives a permanent bonus. The dragon cloak is also nice since the armor in my game are pretty bad. I think it will be very useful for mages. I also read about the scope which improves ranged damage, i would love that one too but i can't find it in my game.
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