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Default @crowfeathers

Thats strange, the toggle button should actually really work, I recently played through the Campaign to the New Kyoto ending, could I ask from which Menu you have tried to toggle?, the Hero's Mod Menu or at an Maintance Station?

They should both work actually, but would you post the log file of this event?, and did nothing occur after you left the Menu?, there should be an Screenmessage telling you about the Block Toggle.


It should really work because the code is there, you may look at file "Addons\@SW3.Expansion\sw3_expansion_StoryShipBloc k.lua" and search for the function "SW3EXP_Story_MSSwitch_Toggle()", its in both of the Menu's toggle buttons, search for it in the DialogGW.xml and DialogCS.xml, they should be there, if not, theres something very wrong.

Eitherway, thank you for telling me, im still gonna check the Function in a bit more in-depth matter.

EDIT: Credited you in the main post .
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