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For Dark side, I've adopted another, but it too, is late game and loses nothing.

Units are:
1. Demonologists 208
2. Archdemons 29
3. Dragon Riders 17
4. Necromancers 224
5. Goblin with Catapult 344(again, 5th is always debatable to me. The Chemists work well here too, but I feel I'm missing some symmetry and would appreciate recommendations. Orc Shaman do NOT work at this level)

And this also involves the Phantom spell, but in this one, it's only in worst case situations. Call to Nature is main spell

I rush the Archdemons to 'near' the front line, cast Call to Nature in front of him in one space, summon demons in another. Dragon Riders put dragons to block any other ranged units. Demonologists then summon their demons. The Call to nature in Dark Side is far superior to previous versions and finally worth it's mana cost. So I'm sitting there with 4 expendable powerhouses on turn 1 and my main stacks protected. From there it's simple. I don't even have to cast Call to Nature again, and instead 'waste' spells getting my awards/badges. Traps are my worst enemy at this point so I tend to summon Books of Evil on top of them so my demon units don't fall into them. Demonologists are the main healer IF it's needed. If more is needed, I simply phantom the demonologists. At my point in Dark Side, level 53 on Normal, The healing ability often wipes out a large enemy stack with 214 Demonologists.

The Necromancers magic lock usually on turn 1 if Druids or the like are present. Druids can ruin your call to nature so they take priority. After that, they're simply creating units. The expensive Dragon Riders I use their "Dive" Ability in a safe spot behind the expendable front line as it doesn't affect your own creatures. I've managed to accumulate 17 of them so far.

My problem isn't units, except for the 5th creature/unit, but the spells and rage abilities. I feel I'm not getting the most out of them. Orc Shield works well to protect the Dragon Riders or Archdemons but the rest seem...not necessary.

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