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Originally Posted by Shadowcran View Post
Thanks for the response. I'll use your advice.

Crossworlds/AP is the best in the series, but I love them all.

Archdemons in Dark Side at least don't 'halve' stacks anymore.
But, now there is a Warrior skill that gives that ability to ALL your units, and occuring very often! Talk about munchkin-y...
It's a pity the last two games are so unplayable for me, as I quite liked the Ice Dragon and the Jotun from WotN. Are there any mods that can add them to AP/CW?

Still having trouble on the 5th creature deciding on which. Catapults are the one I choose so far.
You already have Necromancers and Demonologists, you don't need more ranged units. Also, undead kinda decrease morale of Orcs, no? I'd instead add some tough melee unit, as that is what your setup needs IMHO. Demons are a good choice -they retaliate to every attack, do increased damage to 1-3 level units, and can summon demons and even boost your Archdemon. Not to mention their summoning will strengthen your demonologist. Alternatively, go with Royal Griffins, they summon and retaliate too, and are faster, if weaker.

You mentioned some trouble with not having resurrection in Dark Side on another thread, I responded with some helpful tips. The hardest part is just getting through Portland. Once done, you've more options with the Heretarchs(or however it's spelled,lol)until you get some Demonologists.
Sorry - much like I stopped Heroes VI and never looked back, I have little time to waste on games I don't like. I work 9-10 hours a day and barely get to play on the weekends, at best. I cannot afford to waste months or more on DS that so far, has only frustrated me and offered no fun, unlike CW.

I am convinced they will update that game in the future. A lot of the quests are hard to follow, if you're a novice to the series it's probably impossible. A lot of them are vague as to what to do next.
Ohhh boy! I am not falling for that again. Check the 120-pages-long bugthread of WotN. I was a frequent poster there and in the bugfixes. But even to this day, they did not get Christa's Gift to work at all, or have the Last Hero spell not crash the game to desktop. DS has not many gamebreakers (though I did get desktop crashes with one spell), but is very untested and beta-stage. And I'll not be an unpaid beta-tester again, thank you very much. 1C can call me again if they release a new KB game with a new engine that's written by the same team who did TL and AP/CW. Until then, I am done - Heroes III HD is out, so I will be busy replaying that, anyway.

Don't buy a single Metamorph. Worthless. I thought, "hmm, I can copy the Demonologist or Necromancer with the added numbers of the Metamorph and get super abilities...Wrong". Phantom is better to use and doesn't take a unit slot. In fact, it's the same effect as phantom.
Agreed. And the Spy is rather useless too, what use is the little girl form with the kamikaze spell when it has such awful damage.
Oh, and it's "Metamorth" actually - because 1C was too cheap to even pay a spellchecker. Same as the "Lasts one of a round" (SIC) spell descriptions, which plagues WotN too. I did create a grammatically correct spell description TXT mod, they were free to use it... but didn't. Sometimes I feel they just put the russian text into Google Translate. I am Hungarian myself but even I speak/write better.
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