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Default Problem with GEM editor and Cold War mod

I just joined the forums but I have been playing the Men of War series for a long time now; I bought the Collectors Edition to have Red Tide and Condemned Heroes on my pc and I immediately searched for the GEM editors. I couldn't find them in any of the games' folders. Today I downloaded the Cold War mod for MOW:AS and installed it; it works great with no problems on the single player mode. To get the GEM editor I took the normal version of MOW:AS (that I owned from many years) and copied and pasted the editor in the MOW:AS folder of the collector pack. The problem is that the GEM editor doesn't show any of the mod's units and features, so I can't use them in the editor! It also happened with other mods as well. I hope that some of you can give me directions and help.
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