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I'm not arguing for the MkII here but just for the record quoting from Morgan & Shacklady, bottom of page 99

"The MkII took part in the Battle of Britain when the first example (P7282) arrived at No.611 sqn on 22nd August 1940. When the last (P7564) was delivered a total of 195 had been accepted in service before the end of October. The MU's had taken the initial batch of MkII's on 17th June."

It goes on to say that this first delivery was used extensively on the circus raids into France in 1941.

No.611 was flying out of Duxford at the time, that's 12 group and not on the Channel map, but they wouldn't have taken them all, somebody more savvy would need to research where they went and when. I dare say they were involved somewhere though, but just like the 109N, probably not a great deal.
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