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Originally Posted by Janosch View Post
Letkaorel does lots of things right - they rotate existing maps and sometimes update them, for example. Unfortunately, some of the maps are cluttered with AI planes and soft ground targets. It's a double whammy. Still, it's probably the best server today.
Vinni Puh (a Russian server) was unfortunately neutered by long absence, the removal of 99% of the maps outside the 109/190 vs La/Yak formula and lack of HyperLobby presence, so there aren't any players.
I welcome AI planes on LetkaOrel maps for two reasons:
1. Deficit of human players. Sometimes the server is just empty.
2. My eyes are not sharp anymore so I avoid dogfights and prefer to intercept bombers. Just wish there were AI escorts to spice things up.
3. AI bring more fun and diversity. For example, hunting for floatplanes.
Agree that many ground targets are soft. But again, with few pilots in the air anything "tougher" would mean no chance to win the map.

Is Vinni Puh still online? I was active there long time ago. Stopped to follow around 2014 as too many players used the game for "political" discussions.
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