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Originally Posted by ddr View Post
Hello and sorry: this is not the right place to make this question (but I think is better here then open a thread only for this)...
I've 4.14.1 and try to add the dgen campaigns for Asura's dgen, but probably I don't understand what is written on 4.14.1 readme... someone can help, please?

Have nice summer days!
If you want to install Asura's Dgen mod you have to create a #DGEN folder in il2's root folder and put all DGen mod's related files in it. Then, activate DGen mod in the conf.ini by changing UseAsuraDgen from 0 to 1. Otherwise, if you just want to install a DGen campaign and already have installed DGen mod as above you just have to drop the campaign files in your usual DGen folder.
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