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1. In the manual are the formulas which are used. In your case:
"HP(i) / HP(current)
– The relation of the current hit points to the initial ones that characterizes
the decrease in a unit’s military efficiency with the losses
incurred. For heroes and other “single-figure” units, this parameter
is replaced by “1”.

2. Just do some quicksave/quickload action wounded/killed is kind of random I think. Don't know exactly for single unit types. Quite some time ago since I played fantasy wars.

3. Charge is only applied if the defender is standing on plains, while your location doesn't matter. You can attack from wood, hills and so on as long as you charge in a 'plain' hex.
Then usually your charge kills of some units and afterwards the fight based on both unit's attack values (-unit losses ^^) starts.
From my point of view, charge-damage is calculated on a units defence and 'Hard Target'. Try charging some knights you'll do way less damage unless you have armor-piercing.
(you could measure charge as a free-bonus first-strike attack if you want, as long as the defending unit is on a plain hex)

4. manual page 41: "The terrain bonus is always calculated based on the
hexes where the defender is situated.
" <- both your attack & defence will be altered according their table on the same page.
The exact tables used are come in handy if you want to know...

That's the point where your specials like 'City-Fighter' and so on counts.
So it gives you a bonus while:
-attacking a unit in a city
-standing in a city and being attacked

but not while attacking from a city to any other terrain.

BUT, both units get different values! e.g. attack on a hill both units are heavy inf: The defending unit gets a bonus to their att/def +2 while the attacking one +0/0
light inf vs light inf on rough, bot of them get +4/+4 while on a hill the defender gets +4/+4 and the attacker +2/+2

5. "Armor and Armor Piercing
A unit can have a perk called Armor. It means that the enemy’s attack will
inflict less damage on it.
A unit can have a perk called Armor Piercing. It means that this unit ignores
the enemy’s Armor-related bonus.

Don't know the exactly values either

But Armor piercing won't help against regularly units without the hard-target perk.

"Do Hard Target and Shooting Protection stack against missile attacks?" <- good point / don't know

-Armor-piercing missiles only negate 'Hard-target', otherwise it won't make sense to get rid of an unit's shooting protection too


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