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Default Crippling game freezes on loading of save game - Men of War

Based on how dead this forum is, I expect I won't get a reply to this, which is a shame as I've only just found this game and I really really like it. Sadly, it's impossible to play as 3 out of 5 savegames I make won't load properly and the game locks up completely as soon as the world loads in. I've played the first mission which took hours and many saves, and it was fine (I'm playing on hard). But the Evacuation mission reaches a certain point, around 80% of your objective to load the train, and from then on, any save will not work. I just tried loading up the autosave from 10 minutes earlier in the game, and it worked, so I played through it again only to find the problem happened again, breaking several of the new saves I had made.

At this point I'm at a loss and will have to just stop playing.

Edit: Never mind, it seems to have been just that one mission; so far the ones following have been fine. This game is awesome!
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