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"airfield staff... historical buildings"

Speaking of, I was thinking it would be great if the static men we have would come to life and run like the guys from the trucks when you are straffing.

You could have a group of guys working on a plane, and all of them scatter when your flight comes in guns blazzing, with hose like tracers as seen in the gun camera footage, from your 50cal's.

Any crates going to be added as objects, two things about the ports is wrong, they are empty, nothing on the docks, the largeCover object can only be used so many times, and there are no small ships.

And a exploding object, some thing you can put in a building or stationary ship, and it goes off like a 5000lb or so bomb if hit with gun fire. A surprise in the mission. I have been using the Ammunition rail car, but so far have not seen a explosion.

Cheers!! Four Continents on the AleXserver last Thursday, only one's missing were Australia, and Africa.
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