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Originally Posted by persoiranian View Post
on pc i think captain blood will be a success,on 360 it's dfficult to even guess.
demo is good idea and as baxter said,more advertise is needed(not only about CB but also many other titles)

I agree that on pc it will be a success because the only hack n slash games the pc has right now are Devil may cry 4 and Ninja Blade. There are a few others hack n slash games coming to pc on 2010, like Venetica, Edge of Twilight, Fairy tales fight Star wars force unleashed 2, the new prince of persia game, Dead Rising 2 Highlander... but most of them are from small companies and they are not so well known. We must sent a message to developers that we want hack n slash games on pc, but how can we do it? And a demo is MUST i believe! someone must do something about it. Most people not even know about CB. 1C must advertise their games a lot in order to success!!
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