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Should by "easy" - but a bit confuse.

I suggest you try join to ATAG's server - the most (and almost only) populated server of CloD.

Log on Steam
Start CloD
Click on Multiplayer
Click on Client
On Server List select ATAG's Axis X Allies (Steam version) or another if you want.
Click on Join Server and await the connection.
Done, in CLIENT BRIEFING click in one Flag - British or German/Italy to choose side
After, click in some Airbase - all available in white
Click on picture of plane available in this base to configure fuel, loadout .. or to pick another model, if available (click in the current plane name to show options).
If you click in Plane, do the same thing.

Plane done, click in OK to go back to CLIENT BRIEFING and click on CREATE (means create a flight) to spawn.

Notice: the FLY button in lower right side of screen means "Return to fly" - ie. if you hit ESC to adjust controls, video... hit this button to return to current flying.

When you proceed RTB, after landing dont click on CREATE before click on your side Flag and confirm ... "Are you sure you want leave your current aircraft?".

If you dont do this, IA take control of this plane until the server script - if available - remove then from game (the downside of "take any aircraft at any moment" wishes of old UbiZZ00... a long (and no so happy) history ago...)


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