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Default Please help. My wallet is empty and the game is still unplayable.

I have posted in other sections of the forum but didn't get through the problem. Please forgive me for posting again in here.

win 7 32 bit
AMD X2 260
EVGA 560ti (just replaced HD6670)

I know- the cpu is going to raise a few eyebrows but I just got a 560ti (replacing a weak hd6670) and put it in to find the game now looks amazing and can run very smooth indeed on high settings, even over London. It's a whole new game in that regard.

However, the game is unfortunately still not playable. I can not play the channel map with more than a few players or I get launcher crashes. Same as before. In fact, it seems even worse as now I get launcher crashes on single player which I didn't get before. Pseudo full screen does not have any effect. It seems playing on small maps is no problem.

Please, can someone help me identify why I can not play this game?

Is it ram? I have 4gb and have read that with 32bit it's only worth having that much- surely there are people running the game fine on 32 bit 4gb ram?

Cpu- I know it's very slow but the game runs extremely well with the 560ti.

Please help!! Thank you in advance.

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