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From what I understand.

Developer: Best Way. creates the digital content.

Publisher: handles creation / manufactures / prints the physical copies (DVDs or whatever format) or makes the digital "packages".

Distributor: 1C wants to be just the distributor. Sends / distributes the products to vendors or sells the product on / from a web site.

So Best Way is looking for a new Publisher (someone to take over the publishing aspects of the game Nuclear Union / New Union (New Alliance) that they created / are creating, although it seems to be on a permanent hold at the moment).

Translated using Bing translator:

"The founder of Best Way Dmitry Morozov told the authors of the podcast "how to make games," 1 c-Www.savemgo.comĀ» has cancelled development of post-apocalyptic RPG "new Alliance", deciding to focus on distribution, not the publication.

According to him, it happened immediately after the exhibition gamescom, held in August last year. Curiously, after that the Publishing House has demonstrated project at igromir in October (our impressions of it you can read here).

The right to the title and the plot of "the new Alliance" left behind "1", but the Best Way is in no hurry to bury the game. The Studio plans to find a new partner and launch your own post-apocalyptic RPG, using the same engine and lots of ready-made elements.

Morozov also spoke about the free-to-play-the project on the basis of a series of RTS "behind enemy lines". Now the game is at an early stage of development. As it is, however, another way, because the right to "behind enemy lines" also belong to the "1 c-Jason Rubin (Director).

Read more:"

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