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Originally Posted by klem View Post
Just to be clear....
2. You have gone into Multiplayer... Server.. and clicked on Net to check/set your Port number to 27016 ***, clicked Apply then named your server and given it a password (if you want to keep everyone else out) and clicked on OK to created your Server
3. You then clicked on Multi... Dogfight and highlighted your preferred mission and clicked Select (Single missions and Co-ops won't play over the web). Mission should load to map room...
When I do this, then click "Start Battle" I see the text on the right:

"Select an army to chees an existing plane, or an airfield on the map to create a new one"

But, none of the bases on the map are selectable, and there are no buttons to select an army.

If I then click on Fly, I just get the external view of AI plane.
What am I missing?
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