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Default Assistance required please

Hello I was going to start a New Thread to ask this Question, but for some reason I cannot start a new thread and can only post a reply to existing threads, so thankyou for your Patience. I am returning to the IL-2 Sim after an 18 year absence and I am trying to find a Forum concerning Pacific Fighters. As an Australian I have become interested in 75th Squadron RAAF Royal Australian Air force defence of Port Morseby in New Guinea South Pacific area 1942 just prior to the Battle of the Coral Sea. These guys flew p40 kittyhawks, and the famouse Japanese Air Ace Saburo Sakai said these where some of the bravest men he ever fought against in the Pacific war with their seemily surprise suicidal attacks in their P40s on Sakais air base at Lae as well as their boom and zoom attacks on his Zeros and Jap Bombers he was trying to defend when they bombed Port Morseby. I love to mission Build and I was looking around to see if anybody has yet Created 75th Squadron RAAF Skins, so I can recreate some of these epic air battles between 75th Squadron and Saburu Sakais mob over Port Moresby in early 1942. If somebody could please direct me with a Link if possible, to any relavent forum area that you may think could be of assistance. I will post a WIKI Link here for anybody interested in the Air Battles I just spoke of here.... thankyou for your patience and time.
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