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Default Photobucket watermarks

I've not returned to this board in some time and was surprised to discover that photobucket, in order "to reduce our brand marketing expenses," now watermarks the pictures that they host. Of course, the overlay ruins the image and reduces it to nothing more than an advertisement for the company. Unfortunately, I had placed almost a hundred pictures on that lamentable site, all of which now have been branded with their advertisement.

Beginning with Post 74 on the Ju87 "Snake" Stuka, I've begun to upload those screenshots and photographs to my own website. As there is time, I'll continue to replace the more important graphics and correct any broken links to the templates. And then I will close my account with photobucket--and may I never mention that name again!

In the meantime, I've revised many of this thread's text and pictures in a more coherent fashion and posted them at
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