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Seems the biggest problem with 4G of ram is the grass, make sure it is turned off.

I think you can get a free version of win up to 10 if you look and if it's a XP loyalty thing 9I know I just switched up, but am keeping a Machine with it for Music DAW"s)

i was wondering what to do with this, if you do manage to get a ISO of win 10, here is a reg # from a copy I bought but can't load onto the XP system,

PM ed it too him

I keep getting Driver missing files error messages, but that is solvable by loading the IOS on a flash drive and when that part comes, (it's right at the start), pull the flash drive out and put it in a different USB port.

I could not get the DL I had to load on to a flash drive a second time (I tried it once before I found out about this fix and formatted the Flash when it did not work.)

Good luck, and hope to see you online some time.

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