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Thank you for the kind words

I fear you have to be a bit more precise when mentioning the star wolves 1 mod fighters, the names would be kind of important, maybe even pictures.

The only fighters I can think of the top of my head is the Elefant maybe, but that one is in the market caravan.

As for the mod: I may include it in a mini-update, or as a standalone patch (independent from mod) for the base game if you'd like to.

The future of the mod itself is looking pretty grim, my interest has dimnished for a good while, just last year I got a bit back more into it via learning how memory manipulation works in Win32 environments via Injection and stuff, pretty cool to be honest. But considering that, its not like coding in outdated lua (4.0.1) and Win32-oriented C++ is fun or something.

I guess its just more likely I'll make another mod for another game which has a bit more "future". StarSector or Avorion would come to mind, although Avorion has really not much to do, its like a Sandbox which never goes beyond of just you being in a ... well... sandbox.

The alternative is of course an actual new game, but that still a long way out.
I don't want to dive in game dev and break my neck or something, everything relevant has to be learned first of course
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