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I think most if not all ships have actually been ported over, I can find references like "STARROVER_BS1_GAMER_Anaconda" with the IMD linking to the actual anaconda ship ie the cavalier you mentioned.

The only real thing left to do is to add it to a seller and or merchant.
The easiest shop interface you can add it to would be the TemplarShop (Game location based in Nanite System)
- EXP-TemplarShop.lua
- Scripts/Trade/DialogTEShop_*.xml

Otherwise you can add it to the "old" interfaces such as Goblin wizard's fighter shop.
- gw_fig_shop.lua
- Scripts/Trade/DialogGW.xml

I hope you can figure out what to do by looking at how the other fighters are implemented. I'd gladly do it for you and put out a small patch, but I really don't have time even simple stuff like this.

If it proves to be too difficult let me know, otherwise happy piloting.
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