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Originally Posted by xX-SiLeNCE-Xx View Post
nice post Ancient! Mayeb you could add a little more about bombers?
I don't fly bombers a whole lot, so I don't think I'd be the right person to write them. I'm hoping people will contribute info about them.

Originally Posted by Soviet Ace View Post
Alright, I did the Il-4 and here's what I figured. This is not a biased post, so it's all facts I post.

Il-4: The Il-4, is probably one of the easiest planes to handle. It seems to handle better than the He-111, since it is a smaller plane. It can take a punishment, but the armament is a bit weak, and not much range. It seems that 190s and 109s can get into gun range quicker, and fire before the gunner on the Il-4 is allowed to shoot. It has a good speed, but being a medium bombers, is nothing special.

Something short and sweet.
Thanks a lot! I rewrote it a bit, I admit I'd like to have the guide in my own style, excuse my vanity. Does anyone know the exact payload of the IL-4?
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