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Originally Posted by Spitfire23 View Post
i like the sound of this thread.

Interesting to give it a thought.

How about a sopwith camel vs Eurofighter typhoon?

In all seriousness though i really like to think of the Mosquito vs p-38

id say Mozzie but its hard to say


Sopwith camel.

For a start, heat seeking missiles wouldnt work, you have no big heat source to lock onto. And the camel is that slow that the typhoon would have a nightmare trying to keep him in his sights etc.

Just look at the swordfish - "obsolete" during WW2 yet comes out smelling of roses attacking the bismark and the italian fleet at taranto.

In all seriousness though, dont write off the sopwith camel it might sound like a david and goliath set up but you never know. Anything is possible
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