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Well, thanks for sharing! I've been playing around with editing, having awakened my inner hacker, and it seems pretty easy to use the Scanner's report to edit a save file. It appears that everything is open to change quite easily, including character skills, runes, spellbook, army, etc.--though I'm only interested in the items/units/spells for the sake of saving my time from uncountable game restarts until I got an ideal game from the Scanner. I'm not interested in completely breaking the balance of the game and removing all challenge. Now, even an all-Orc army is possible from the beginning.

It stinks that lots of the items, units, and spells have different names in the save file than in the report, but they can all be deduced easily enough with some time and effort. Another small obstacle is finding specific buildings in the save file, since they aren't named clearly (or at all). I'll make it a project to get a list than equates the two files to make editing easier. And I may as well share it on the forums if fellow editors come along!

The starting castle in Greenwort (Castle Kronberg) and other dwellings that change inventories and troops seem to be a bit trickier to edit than other places since they have extra checks for quest completions, title promotions, and another layer for checking the troops on top of that to set the items and spells currently available, but it all seems open to my level of understanding to completely tailor a game to oneself. Editing Kronberg in the middle of a game seems to be a bit above my head right now, since it seems that the game may only check for promotion at the time it is bestowed, and not again until the next one. (Or I'm just doing something wrong. Too many variables right now.) But I've succeeded in changing around simpler locations already. All in due time!

Strangely, I can't find any trace of Noric in the save file (he's currently giving me the Cyclops Eye, but there's no cyclop_eye in my save file. Since the Scanner can't foretell past his level 1 item, I'm wondering if it's even possible to find. I guess it doesn't matter to me now, though!

It sure will be nice to reduce on my racial playthroughs to deposit occasional troops that I'm using at each continent!

Thanks again! I wouldn't have thought to look in the AP forums for the editor!

Edit: I tried fighting Noric on every level from level 4 up to 29, and he changed the item he dropped every level or every few levels, cycling between the cyclops eye, the scroll case, the baton, and finally settling on the fire necklace for the final five levels. All I can say in hindsight is, if you use the Scanner, don't count on him to drop what he says he will! I never saw the Intellect Ring in all the test battles.

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