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Originally Posted by DayGlow View Post
People go on and on about how he modelled the trains to the point of people joking that it's Train Simulator 2011.

Well I was doing a free flight over England in a BF-110 and low and behold I come across a train! Feeling frisky I decide to strafe it. I come in broadside and give the train itself the beans. 4 mgs and 2 cannon just blasting away. Well guess what? I stayed on the tracks! Pftt, some modeling. The weight of fire would easily derail it. WWII footage shows P-51s and 47s blowing trains off the tracks all the time. The BF-110 should surely do the same.

Even a new movie coming out shows how damaging .50cals are against trains, let alone explosive 20mm shells would be

Kinda disappointed.
Well, have to admit, I really hate CGI effects like that (Sooo tanfastic and completely overmodelled - overrules G-effects completely!!!).
And no, none of those action scenes seem realistic. The P-51 pilot that did that stalling wingshot wasn't even part of the Red Tail sqdr.

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