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Originally Posted by mijki View Post
Hi guys!

I have a problem with the new beta patch. When I installed the game, I try it, it runs. Then, I unzip into CloD folder the beta patch. Now, here is my problem. First start I got blue death because display driver. Then I tried again, Fraps OFF, and while I started the game, I got this message.

"Driver not responding but has recovered.

The NVIDIA Windows Kernel Moder Driver Version 301.24 display driver not responding but has recovered."

When I want to fly and I don't saw the map and my plane before start, and then I press fly button, I hear the game and it runs, but I don't see the picture.

Some pics:

Can somebody help me?

~S~ Mijki

EDIT: I downloaded and installed 296.10 driver...but same problem. And my DirectX is the newest. I have GeForce Gt240 card.
This is the one im getting also, ive give up and just went to old version...... was wondering if you have tried removing and re-installing direct x?
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