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Broken Frame rate.

The Graphics Looks Outdated,And By The Way, Must We Run It On Max So We Can Get Good Graphics?,I Mean, Compare The Low Settings Of "Grid" To The Max Settings of Death Track:Resurrection, Which One Looks Better? Definitely Grid Looks Much Better.

The Guns Are Nearly The Same,The Cars Need More Upgrade Options.

The Sound Is Good ( Low A Little Bit )

The Voice Acting Is Just Stupid, With My Respect To Russia And U.K And All Countries,But You Know,This Is English,And You Probably Know How Popular The American English Is,So I Think The American Acting Would Be Much Better And Would Give It More Action.

10 Cars Are Not Enough,I Think 15 Would Be Better,Right?

And Some People Like Bikes,So,You Know....

The Visuals Are Very Good,I Think More Realistic Explosions Would Be Better.

Making A Great "First-Person" View Would Be Very Much Fun And Realistic.

I Haven't Encountered Any Bugs Yet ( Except One Bug: Sometimes If Your Cars Is Damaged Its Skin Becomes Ugly ( Not Normal ). )

The Driving Is Easy,Great And Much Fun.

The Interface Is Is OK. But,A Better One Would Be Great.

And I Think Some People Don't Like The Cartoonish Characters,Which Are Not Animated.

The Cars Are Very Good.

The Cities Are Very Good,But I Think It Needs More Work To Be Much More Beautiful And Realistic.

Will The Game Support MultiPlayer ( Online & Offline ) ?,Cause If Not,Then No Body Is Going To Buy It ( I Think Everybody Knows Why ) And There Will Not Be Much Fun.

Some Realistic Damage On The Cars Would Be Very Good ( Breakable Glass And Punchable Tires When You Shoot More Than 50 Bullet On It).

We Can't Customize The Crosshair etc.

The SoundTrack Is Just Great.

Finally The Game Is Decent But Still Needs Some Work.

We Really Need A New Great Car Combat Game.

And This Is Just My Opinion.


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