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I've done it a while ago.

1. Download KBScanner for WOTN (link)
2. Go to your DarkSide savegame folder (C:\Users\xxx\Documents\My Games\Kings Bounty The Dark Side\$save\base\darkside\<savenumber>). Create a copy, for backup, or even operate on backup.
3. There are 4 files: crc, info, name, data. Rename DATA to SAVEDATA.
4. Zip all 4 files (after renaming).
5. Change the <filename>.zip to <filename>.sav
6. Run KBScanner. Provide path to your savegame and path to your loc_ses.kfs file (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Darkside\sessions\dar kside\loc_ses.kfs).
7. SCAN.

Voila, work done, info saved to your savegame folder.
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