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Originally Posted by RPS69 View Post
Il2 fans, aren't limited to dogfighters. We played a short campaign as the crew of a B17, and believe me it was enormous fun!
Agreed, but the most accessible planes in the game are the fighters and single-engined attack planes, since that's what IL2 was originally designed to simulate, and that's what most players seem to want.

There are so many aspects of the air war during WW2 that aren't well modeled in IL2. You're lucky that you had a group of friends willing to play an unusual mod campaign.

Originally Posted by RPS69 View Post
The problem on IL2, is that ships have no AI at all. They are just mindless robots that follow the line. Even ground vehicles got a lesser AI capacity, but ships got no AI at all.
Completely agreed, but, it would be a big programming task to give ships any degree of AI. I'm not sure it's an area that TD wants to tackle.

Originally Posted by RPS69 View Post
Yeah, but on real life the sub will submerge anyway, and stop being a threat. A submerged sub canĀ“t follow no convoy. Success don't always need a kill, a kill is just a bonus, seeing it as long term suppression.
True. You use the weapons you have, but unless you've got surprise on your side and/or the submarine tries to fight it out on the surface (Kreigsmarine doctrine from 1943 on) then it's not an effective tactic to use guns. Rockets, bombs and depth charges are the weapons of choice.

Realistically, an ASW patrol plane would also try to keep contact with the submarine and try to summon reinforcements if their attack failed.
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