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AHO: after the occupation the occupation army generally destroyes political and historical sybols of the occuped belike the German army destroyed that Lenin statue, burnt the finded Stalin pictures and displayed and broadcast nazi propaganda matters...

Forlik: If there will be no videos then I think should implement extended briefings for informations about missions, historical backgrounds and date, location infos, like in MoT. (fi: "VCH" texts and date, locations on territory maps in briefings) In the MoT the videos not so informative like in DtS, but there are a lot of informations in briefings.
What about training level? Maybe should implement Strogov's bio to it...for example to the loading screen...(there is a paper about it in the textures of DtS videos)...

...and please make your patch to our Hungarian version too! I'd appreciate it! I'd send you the "Hungarized" .shadvs and .lua files, ok?

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