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Hmm... probably too late for the original poster, but more detail for anyone in the future who finds this.

Items' morale is updated after each battle. Each item has individual conditions. The most common condition is "If the enemy army contained a certain type of unit, decrease morale by <some amount>." However, it can also be a constant decrease after every battle regardless of the specifics of the battle; it can be a decrease based on units in your army, it can be automatically set to 0 after a battle, and there are a few more esoteric ones too. Also, most items are actually a combination of several different morale effects - e.g., they can be decreased by fighting enemy thorns, while also having an automatic increase per battle.

It's odd that you should mention the wizard mantle, because that's one of the unusual ones. It's decrease is based on your hero's class and intelligence - a mage with 25 intelligence loses 1 morale per battle, while a warrior with intelligence 5 loses 9 morale per battle. I'm not aware of any items that are directly impacted by who your companion is, but I'm not prepared to rule that out categorically either.
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