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I have done some major work on these maps. I think I have fixed all the A.I. issues, like the b-17's that decide to turn halfway to the next taxi spawn point on Guadalcanal, and run into the objects there.

There were many little things that became apparent when playing the missions.

I have also assigned targets or objectives to all the maps, (I saw the DL #'s, and it was 30 for the flawed one with targets compared to the couple that I had cut the targets out of).

So if you want a better version of this, go to the original link and DL again, it's now 677KB instead of the original 100 or so KB's.

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas.

PS, I tried to have the planes taxi to the runway and idle for a few minutes while the rest of the flight catches up and then form up in Pairs , but they seems to just follow standard taxi take off motions.

Also I can't seem to get the Icons indicating targets to move with the targets. On_line when ships move, the Icon moves with them, in my missions the icon stays where the target was originally.
fixed the German planes on RN carrier on MTO map. Every time I open one there is something else.

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