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Originally Posted by OneGunnerUnder View Post
I managed to patch my Steam game up to 4.14 with no problem, but I kept a clean copy of the game in my Documents folder just in case something went wrong. Do you have any info about people who had issues patching their Steam version of the game?
Yeah, the backup install is always great advice! Re Steam, there's this thread where a player apparently broke the Steam install by using the usual M4T patch (on my advice ), and then they detail at post #6 how to actually get it to work:

There are also some warnings in the thread about 4.14 in general. It seems to have caused problems for some people with online play and server hosting.

Personally I'm really happy with my 4.14.1 install, patched one patch at a time from the 4.07 (1946) disc, but I'm not an online player.

If you have played 4.14.1 online it would be great if you could share some details of your experience with it (positive or negative), including which servers you use.

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