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Exclamation Pictures are here...

Originally Posted by Csimbi View Post
Anyone knows where the skill icons are located?
This is under rage control: pic=skillicon1_03_, which would hint that there's an image somewhere with a similar filename.
But, I could not find such files.

Where can I find the skill icons?
Thank you.
I'm not sure if you figured out where they are, but they are located here: in the data.kfs archive. The file, itextures.dat, identifies the locations of all pictures included in the DDS image compilation files. You can load DDS files in Gimp if you have the plug-in - someone on here posted where to get this plug-in so you should be able to find it with an Internet search.

As far as making new icons, I think that AP allows direct use of PNG's, whereas in TL you have to package your PNG's into DDS files to be able to use them. That's what I did for my TL HOMM3 Babies mod for the new icons that I made for the new unit abilities and other things...

Anyway, good luck!

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