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Default Curse the AI!

I just finished playing through the Human Campaign for the first time (Normal), and, facing the Orc army across the river, I decided to stay back from the river by a hex. The theory being that when they charged into the river they couldn't do any damage to me, and I could smack them back the next turn. This strategy included vacating two towns next to the river.

Of course, the grand leader guy decided he'd _cross_ the river into one of the towns (vacant towns are valuable, right? and I suppose he must have had some river crossing ability), and since all you need to do is kill him this meant it was trivial for me to win in the next turn (attack once, he retreats into river, finish him off).

If only the AI had some knowledge of my objectives... (and _never_ put mages/missile units in the front line...)

A bit anti-climactic.

(yes, this post was just a whinge)
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