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hb2, very good, keep it up!

Just a couple of remarks:

Originally Posted by hb2 View Post
9. You have your chance when he enters an empty corridor. Kill him right away.
10. Carry his body into the nearest guest room. Leave the body behind the armchair in the sitting room (red circle in the map above).
A good chance to kill the traitor in his room. I don't remember the number, but it on the second floor.

Originally Posted by hb2 View Post
11. Regardless of where you killed the traitor, to continue now you need a hotel staff disguise. There’s a guard standing by this same hallway, by the large open doors at the start where you just entered. You must kill him cleanly, though, so run by him quickly to lure him out. You may have to try several times. As soon as he walks into the hallway to check on the noise, sneak behind him and kill him cleanly, pretty much in the same spot as you killed the traitor (if you killed him here).
Cook uniform can be used also, but waiter uniform - can't be used
Maybe I will fix it in additional MoTmod versions.

Originally Posted by hb2 View Post
13. Optional task: finding the weapons.
Is there any sense to remove knife and fiber wire from player's inventory and put all of these (perhaps with chloroform) to the weapon's place?

Originally Posted by hb2 View Post
17. Enter sneak mode so you won’t be seen. Kill the guard by the door with a knife throw when he isn’t looking. You must be very quick.
You can stun this guard also. You will get 1 stunned instead of 1 killed.

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