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From the description of the "official demo," it sounds like we are supposed to start off fighting humans. But the demo I have starts off with the player heading into a courtyard and killing zombies.

Edit: Did I get the wrong one or something?

As far as performance is concerned. Yeah, my laptop isn't the greatest. But my friend's computer is better than mine, and he doesn't have the settings turned up all the way, and he's still seeing some performance issues. The movement in general feels a tad clunky. I really enjoyed the demo and I think the game will be amazing. As I said, I just think the game could use a little polish. Little things like the subtitles not matching up with the dialogue. Long load times (they're using the Painkiller engine if I remember correctly, and that game always had horrendous load times). The character sometimes has trouble getting up stairs. When is the game going gold?
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