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Originally Posted by Ubuntu_Man View Post
this is not normal, how they can schedule the release date every time to another date?? Correct me if I"m wrong, but what is so difficult to change the game into another language and the dialogues also to aanother language?
I mean, they have made the game and they know every little corner of this game, not like modder or somebody else.
I haven't really played the Russian version so I don't know how much dialogue there is, but from what I've read I get the impression that the storyline is pretty extensive and so I assume that there is quite a bit of dialogue. And I can imagine that translating dialogue to another language may take a lot longer than you would think. You have to book - and pay for - a proper studio, you have to hire voice actors to do the dialogue, and that's just the start.

What you should remember is we're no game developers, so we really have no clue what goes into making a game like RnR. It's always easy to complain
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