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Originally Posted by obsolum View Post
I haven't really played the Russian version so I don't know how much dialogue there is, but from what I've read I get the impression that the storyline is pretty extensive and so I assume that there is quite a bit of dialogue. And I can imagine that translating dialogue to another language may take a lot longer than you would think. You have to book - and pay for - a proper studio, you have to hire voice actors to do the dialogue, and that's just the start.

What you should remember is we're no game developers, so we really have no clue what goes into making a game like RnR. It's always easy to complain
All this is true. However, most companies/publishers have this portion of "planned marketing" already waiting in the wings, and ready to go. The French, and German publishers of games are very good at this with very little transition time. These companies/publishers are well aware of the higher English/International market to bring higher sales to the forefront. Let's face it.... We are the core of gamers. If you want to make money, we're willing to spend it (if it gets good unbiased reviews).

I would have even been thankful for a 60 min demo as discussed in other threads. A demo need not have to go through the marketing process, as it is only a demo.

In fairness to 1C, there may be more red tape involved getting games out of their country, and into the international market. Translation is not a difficult process. I know this, because I have spoken to developers from Kalypso, and BioWare publishing companies. They also agree that this is most likely marketing red tape.

I also feel confident that this game will NOT be out in March, because we do not have a date as of yet. So one can only assume that they have some other problems, and don't have the green light to go international. Companies this close to the release date would have already given us an exact date by now. So there marketing team needs much to be desired, if the latter is in fact the problem.

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