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Originally Posted by TheEnlightenedFlorist View Post
I didn't look at it too much, but "41Sqn_Banks" tool seems like a better fit for that.
It does not work online yet as far as I know.

Ideally I wish all offline campaigns are developed with online use in mind. The game engine took away differences between coop and dogfight and can do the same with off- and online differences.

If it is too much work for offline campaign creators maybe someone would write a script or addon for servers to allow them running offline campaigns as online ones in MP. Creation of spawnpoints can be scripted. The only thing that would require human input is writing briefings for the opposing side as they are not written for offline mode. However creation of a simple briefing can be scripted too.

If this toolbox is available a convention among campaign makers can be created to follow some technical standards to make all campaigns compatible with this server side addon.

Just imagine that you can fly all available offline campaigns together with your friends as a "coop" and against real opponents. This is where real power of the CloD engine would itself.

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