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Default need more marketing

I have no idea of your marketing of this game, but I feel that the lack of knowledge of this game is seriously going to hamper its sales. I hope you guys really get stuck into informing the masses of this game some more.

I used to play the game when i was a kid.. and as soon as i found out you guys were making this game i knew it was a done deal - i'm buying it as soon as it comes out.

there is going to be hordes of people who played the original and never heard of this one. To the people that ever played the first a new deathtrack game would be major exciting news to them, especially because the first was so addictive.

perhaps you might want to start targeting vintage game websites, or "abondonware" type websites with targeted advertising . Or try get a whole stack of "big youtube gamers" to review the game.

and also, in your marketing, I think you have to make sure that when the masses hear of this game, that they dont instantly assume its "just a knockoff" of some of the more recent games. I'd want the masses to know that this is a remake of one of the original car shooting games.. one of the best.

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