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Would it be illegal if someone copied the European/Steam edition to one of the torrent sites and we download it from there? When you install it on your computer you could activate it through Steam and pay that way. Just a thought. Could spare us 3 weeks of waiting. I'm not talking piracy here. I can barely see the logic of a staggered box release. A staggered digital release throws me really for a loop. I hope for 1C's sake that the program does not get cracked before release in the Americas.
I know what you mean, exchanging the game files that won't work without a valid key anyway, then using a legitimate key that you paid for to unlock the game. It's not piracy because it won't work for free, it's just like having someone send you a copy from Europe. However, i doubt it would work.

Steam versions are region locked anyway. The boxed versions will use Solidshield DRM instead of steam protection, but nobody knows if that's region locked as well.

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If they are really going to delay the US release a month, I hope the game gets cracked and that they lose a lot of sales. Then maybe they'll learn not to do such stupid things in the future.
Maybe you should dig a bit deeper here. We do know that boxed editions will take some time to ship, but download editions should be available easily. This leads me to believe there's only two reasonable scenarios why this delay happens.

1) An outside influence. The game needs to be reviewed by the ESRB and get a rating assigned to it before it can be distributed. How long this takes is anyone's guess.
2) An inside deal between different retailers/publishers. The digital download platforms have a deal or contract term with the ones selling boxed editions, they'll delay the release until the physical boxes arrive so that digital download platforms don't hog all the preorders and early sales.

In both cases, you should be pointing your finger at someone over your side of the pond and not the developers.
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It's now a race to see if any one of the other moderators can put a lock on this thread before Blackdog can finish his fourteen paragraphs.

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