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Im sorry I feel for you guys, However welcome to the british gamers way of life. MOST games are released here after the states, and some even cancel the uk release altogether. (Nascar 2011 for example, Yes its a console game, my guilty secret ) Yes it is frustracting, trust me ive been there many many times.

I do agree that all games should be released at the same time, in this day and age, and you're right it is being distributed via digital then why the hold up it dosn't make sense.

Threating to pirate the sim however only harms you in the long run, as by not supporting the developers will only have one effect, the series being cancelled.

Its sad that you guys have been shafted twice, once with the collectors edition and now this, Any chance someone official can come and explain the decision or reasoning behind this.

Where we live in the world shouldn't make a difference. WE are all Simmers, so we all deserve the same level of service.

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