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Originally Posted by Ataros View Post

As you know we added a Spit2 to the captured blue field after reds capture it.
We have an annoying problem with it: after blue recapture the airfield and it becomes blue again reds can still spawn Spit2 on it. Looks like 2 spawnpoints remain in one place (both blue and red).

Could you please have a look at the scripts and check that the red spawnpoint is destroyed after blue recapture the airfield? I have seen code destroying spawnpoints when a field is captured in naryv examples I posted in this forums sections.
You'll need to append this piece of script into "iod_walk2.cs", "iod_walk8.cs", "iod_mis2.cs" and "iod_mis8.cs" as in the attachment picture.
foreach (AiBirthPlace bp in GamePlay.gpBirthPlaces())
    try { bp.destroy(); }
    catch (Exception ex) { Console.WriteLine(ex.Message); }
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