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Originally Posted by Jeremiah_Weed View Post
J5 Sturm
Don't know if you were successful, I notice your post is a few months old, but the game is designed to look for DirectX 9. You obviously must have a newer OS and the game didn't find DirectX 9 and stopped installing. Probably right around 21%. I purchased a version (4.13.3 and 4.13.4) from GOG Games that went around that issue. (I have Windows 10 with DirectX 12) I also noticed the game no longer used OpenGL since Windows 10 doesn't recognize OpenGL and I've even found a fix for that issue as well. I downloaded a version of DirectX 9 from Microsoft and installed into a DirectX 9 folder and then another program from Microsoft that installed parts of DirectX 9 into DirectX 12. Fortunately, I still had version 4.12.2 that used OpenGL on my older hard drive and copied it over and upgraded from that back up to 4.13.4. Now I have all versions installed and using OpenGL on Windows 10.
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